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Shipping and Returns

Shipping costs

Quickpac Economy:
CHF 6.60
Quickpac Priority:
CHF 7.90
A-Post Letter:
CHF 6.70
A-Post Parcel:
CHF 8.90
B-Post Letter:
CHF 5.50
B-Post Parcel:
CHF 7.30
CHF 9.90
  • The goods remains up to the complete payment our property. MrLens will charge an administration fee of CHF 10.00 if the payment will not be done on time and a payment reminder has to be sent to the customer.

Money Back Guaranty

  • Unopened contact lenses in original sealed and und intact original packaging we offer a 30-day "Money back guaranty".As proof the date of the postmark is considered. A credit note can take place only if the contact lens contacts in an intact condition arrive with us. Please insert the invoice you got from us.

Send Back

  • The received goods is to be examined by the receiver immediately for your completeness and correctness. Complaints at expiration of 530 days are not recognized. For products already opened return right and no right to exchange does not exist.

  • Lodging a complaint contact lenses must in a suitable contact lens container, in suitable preservative agent be stored, with blister pack (or original glass containers with yearly contact contacts) at us for complaint with the manufacturer be sent in. A copy invoice has to be attached. Complaints of drained contact contacts cannot be worked on, since an examination is then no longer possible with the manufacturer on lack and is rejected any replacement.

  • Returns shall be paid with shipping, and the costs thereof shall be borne by the sender.

    Returns are made to this address:
    Vision Group AG
    Riedwiesenstrasse 23
    8305 Dietlikon

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