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MrLens - the large Swiss contact lens shop

We sold our first lens products 16 years ago. It started with three orders a day and quickly grew. Today we are one of the largest contact lens & care products shops in Switzerland. Over time, we added reading glasses and sunglasses to our range alongside contact lenses. These are now an integral part of MrLens.ch. With us, order today, delivered tomorrow. We look forward to receiving your order.

Order contact lenses & care products online

The best way to order contact lenses online is to know your prescription. MrLens has a wide range of all well-known brands so that you can choose freely:

  • Daily disposable lenses are - as the name suggests - suitable for short periods of wear. Occasional wearers in particular rely on daily lenses.

  • For longer periods of wear, there are two-week lenses and monthly lenses.

  • Toric lenses are available in all these forms for people with astigmatism.

  • We also offer multifocal lenses that correct presbyopia.

  • If you want a different eye colour, you can try coloured lenses - they are available as daily or monthly lenses with or without corrective power.

Regular lens care is very important. If you order contact lenses online, we recommend that you also order the right care produtcs at the same time.

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